Tuesday, August 04, 2009

For Cory Aquino: Christmas Reflection, 1989

(This was written after one of the several failed coups that tried to President Aquino. I gave it to Cory Aquino to share with her my own concern for peace after three years of fledgling fragile democracy).

Peace is wisp of wind in the noonday heat
Stirring the regal pines on distant hills
Sweeping down the fields of golden rice
Cooling feverish cheeks.
Peace can fade away, quickly, evanescent.

Peace is a young chirping bird
Sallying forth from its mother’s nest
Flapping its wings testing the breeze
Exploring the sky and the earth.
Blithely. Briefly.
Peace can be shot down, cruelly, fragile.

Peace is a throbbing healing “yes”
To the wailing of children for food
The outstretched hands of the poor for justice
The hunger of a nation for integrity
The blessed outrage over blood-spewing guns.
A drive. Spirit-force.
Peace is a flame in the heart searing, perduring.

Peace is frail infant on a manger
Who shall announce: To you
On whom my Father’s favour rests
I give my peace
A peace the world cannot give.
Follow me.

How, Lord, shall we follow?
To drink of your peace?
To end our wars and divisions?
Our mad scrambling for power?
How, Lord, shall we become
Sisters and brothers once more?

Pease is a passion to share, to serve
A compassion for the world’s crippled and maimed
An embrace, a crucifixion, yet freedom to be,
A love without retention limits.
Measureless breadth and depth.
Follow me, come!

+Orlando B. Quevedo, O.M.I.
Archbishop of Nueva Segovia, December 8, 1989


dindosvd said...

Dear Bishop Quevedo,

This is not a comment but an inquiry. I am a priest here in Japan and I would like to consult you about a "baptism" of an aglipayan to the catholic faith. Is baptism necessary or do we need to ask her just to profess the creed in front of the community as an acceptance of the catholic faith, as we do with protestants? We hope to have the rites by Christmastime and I would like to be clarified on the Unity of Christian Baptism, since the Philippine Independent Church is in communion with the Anglican Church here in Japan. Hoping for your kind attention. Thank you!

dindo santiago

dindosvd said...
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